Have termites infested your home? Are you losing money due to costly repairs and damages caused by termites? A Pest Control company can assist you to get termites under control on your property to ensure such damages and headaches do not occur.

Choose a pest control company that has years of industry experience in termite control and eradication,and that provides its clients with the latest techniques and strategies to get termites under control. Pick a team that are absolute professionals, providing a high level of customer service and care that is tailored to your properties specific needs. It doesn’t matter if you need to get termites under control in a domestic or residential property, A pest controller can assist.

To find out if you have a termite problem, get a qualified building & pest inspector to look over your property,

My husband and I have recently renovated out kitchen. We have a 1920s art deco home in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and the kitchen was practically an original and in desperate need of an overhaul! We toyed around with a few ideas, eventually deciding on renovating into a contemporary gallery kitchen, big enough to cater to our growing family of 5.

Once we had our plans we needed to decide on our mode of attack – would we ‘go it alone’ or hire a professional team to come in and take on the brunt of the work. Short of being on The Block, we decided the renovation job was just too large for the two of us so decided to call a team of kitchen renovators to help.

I came across Verve Bathrooms and Kitchens and from the very get go, they made me feel secure in their ability and experience in kitchen renovations – especially on older homes like ours. The tradesmen who worked on the job were friendly, respectful to our home and family, and genuinely dedicated to creating the best looking kitchen with the finest finishing – down to the last details.

We were even allowed to jump in and help where we could which made my husband feel very useful! The end result was impeccable. They never missed a deadline and completely exceeded our expectations. I can now happily and feely cook up a storm in our new kitchen, and it has added tremendous value to our home.