Appliance Repairs

Today, appliances contain computers and highly specialized electronics. Gone are the days when a homeowner could “fix” an appliance electrical problem unless they know a little something about computers and electronics. Today’s appliances have become so complex that one almost needs an electrical engineering degree to diagnose, let alone fix them. Not leaving appliance repair to a qualified service technician like those at Active Appliances. Trying to fix an appliance electrical problem can lead to personal injury and even death if one doesn’t know what one is doing..

With computers and other electronics controlling every phase of an appliance, attempting to work on a complicated system, such as a high-efficiency washer could result in damage to the complex controls if one does not know anything about electronics.

Most lay persons may think that if you flip the switch off or unplug and appliance, it is totally dead, but many parts of appliances maintain an electrical charge even when unplugged. Some repairs may seem simple but one should never under estimate the science behind all home appliances.

Take the home freezer repair or refrigerator repair for instance. If the appliance is not getting cold enough, it could be a multitude of problems. It could be a fuse or something more complex. Where once the home handy person could install a new thermostat and be good, the repair of today can actually turn out to be something entirely different and only a qualified appliance repair technician like can diagnose and repair the problem.

A defrost timer computer control should only be serviced by a trained professional. Maybe the problem with a malfunctioning freezer is a broken wire, maybe it’s something else, but before one attempts to tear into the working components of the appliance, one should consider the possibility of injury or further damage to the unit. Again, only an appliance repair tech should diagnose this problem. There may be a problem with the compressor, condenser coils, evaporator coils or a multitude of other complex issues. The only sure and safe thing to do is to schedule an appointment for a trained appliance repair technician to pay a visit.

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