Copper Repipes

Copper Piping
Copper Pipe Copper RepipesWhile PEX piping has taken popularity over copper piping for many residential plumbing applications, copper pipes still are used in many, many homes throughout the United States. And there is good reason for it: Copper pipes are extremely dependable and are known for having solid value. Most plumbers would agree on the great value of copper pipes and it is also agreed upon that copper pipes increases the resale value of a home. Copper pipes are commonly used for water feeds and central heating pipe work. They are also used for other miscellaneous plumbing applications throughout a house. If you need a plumber to install new pipes in your home, simply click here to find a reliable plumber in your area.

Copper Pipe Advantages:
Good price for a good product.
You can choose the thickness of the pipe to meet your specific plumbing needs.
Easy to install in narrow walls and floor spaces.
Resistant to bacteria copper pipes are biostatic which means they do not allow bacteria to grow.
Weather resistant copper pipes are not affected by UV rays (PEX pipes are affected by UV rays) which makes them a great choice for outdoor applications.
Safer in natural disasters In earthquakes, copper pipes flex due to being slightly elastic so that they dont snap causing more damage.
Safer in fires If burned, copper pipes do not release toxic gases.
Leaks are rare.
Long warranties are common for copper piping products.
Recyclable makes copper pipes an environmentally friendly choice!