Repipe project one

I just wanted to provide a recap of the repipe project that was done at our home this past week.
First a bit of background: Our home was built in 1971 with galvanize water pipes. Over the years due to the fact that our water is partially from the Sierra and partially well water, the pipes formed deposits on the insideand I knew that we had suffered significant loss in pressure and flow. We are now upgrading the bathrooms and we knew that a repipe was needed, which we felt should be done before the upgrades

We did some research and found that many plumbing companies are going with PEX, but decided against it, because of the concerns many people would have, right or wrong, about purchasing a home with plastic water piping. PEX is a new product and as far as I am concerned the jury is still out on that and since our home is located on a busy street, we didnt need any other negatives when it came time to sell. So we were going to go with copper.
I found your name onlineas I did a number of others. Your website had a phone number, which I called, and we spoke over the phone (not through email!). I am an engineer, so I dont take kindly to BS, and I typically identify when I am hearing it.
I did not hear any BS when I spoke with youand I knew what our neighbor had paid in his recent repipe$7,000 for a home very similar to ours (single level, 2 bath, plus other normal faucets, spigots, etc; no big deal).
Over the phone you and I counted the valves in our home; then approximately a day later you emailed me an estimate of $4,620. We wanted to add 1 additional pair or valves in our garage for a standing sinkso that was an additional $380, bringing the price of the project to an even $5,000. This was for full copper piping; 3/4 inch mainlinesand 1/2 in to the various outlets, all sweat copper fittings, and appropriate code valves. We negotiated a dateI think it was about 1 week from when I got the quote, then we waited. I was almost at the point of not believing the price and thinking something was wrong, but I felt quite comfortable with your no-BS attitude and figured we would just see how things went.
The crew (2 guys) showed up on the appointed day and on-time at 8:00 am and worked their butts off finishing at about 7 pm. These guys really knew what they were doing. There was no guesswork. They were highly efficient and did a tremendous job! Beautiful sweat connections, all pipes well anchored inside the walls; and they had laid drop cloths throughout the house and cleaned up very well after themselves when finished.
The next day, the city inspector showed upand signed off the entire project as good to close up. Then the day after that, the patching crew came over, and replaced the drywall then taped and plastered the joints. They did a fantastic job, Joe! In the bathrooms we will be redoing the fixtures, showers, etc and painting so we werent quite as concernedbut it didnt matteryour crew did a beautiful job in spite of that! Seriously, your have to really get up close to even see where they did the patching. They patched the stucco also where the water supply entered the garage-on the side.
The only thing they missed were 2 holes that the repipe crew had to make, one as the pipe moved into the attic over the garage (ceiling near the wall) and the second on the vertical wall separating the attic from the space over the garage. I wasnt aware those were even there until the other night when I was putting stuff back up into the space about the garage, so maybe in a way it was my fault for not mentioning these other 2 holes that needed to be patched.
Anyway, I thought those holes should be my responsibility, but I guess it was a couple of days ago, they showed up again and patched those holes for us!
That was definitely above and beyond the call of duty. Your level of service is truly outstanding. No way did I think a crew was going to return just to do 2 holes. But they did and they did it when they said they would! All in all, the level of quality and value of your service was EXCEPTIONAL!
I will not be telling my neighbor what I paid for the repipe, no need to create grief for him. But I will tell everyone else I know that Integrity Plumbing (Joe Ludlow) is the way to go!
Thank you very much for a pleasant experience, which I hope was profitable for you and your crews.
God bless you Joe, and lets hope that America gets their collective head out of the pop culture and back into The Bible. A national return to Biblical Christianity is the only hope for this shining City on a Hill as “Dutch” Reagan used to say.
Thanks again,
Randy Frazier, P.E.
Registered Chemical Engineer
Dublin, CA.